What happens when you're a sixteen year old girl and you meet a boy

who wants to be a musician?

You spend long days in rehearsal rooms, vans, backstage and in front of the stage,

waiting and listening, so listening became my job.


I started as live sound engineer for the Dutch Folk/Rock group Deirdre 1976.

After years of doing sound for different bands

I moved to the stage singing and playing keys and sequencers

in the new wave group W.A.T, moved back to the F.O.H,

singing from behind the mixing desk with

The Watchman,

started my own American Folk group :

The Very Girls and that's where the studio bussiness started.

The first "Blue room " recording was the cd Elsewhere Bound by The Very Girls,

followed by several productions,

working mainly for musicians who play acoustic styles such as folk, blues and americana,

hence the name : Mezzoforte.

I sincerely hope that my love for music shows in the productions

made in the "Blue Room".


I would like to thank some people :

First of all my brother, who made my work possible, then Theo van Eenbergen

who gave me confidence,

Joe Boyd and Jack and Niles Clement, who showed me what being a producer

can be all about,

Eric van der Lest who put me "on the tracks" and is a great help and

last but not least Ad van Meurs who"married me to the song".

"Hey guys where in a fun bussiness", Jack Clement used to say with a Big smile,

I totally agree